Manage your team with real time information

Make performance visible.

Display live statistics to effectively manage your team in real time. Chronicall from Microcare gives you access to three supervisor displays: agent timeline, group timeline and real time stats which are commonly known as wallboards. There are no refresh rates, all information is in true real time.

Track specific events like how long agents are 'idle' for, how many calls have been made, who has answered the most calls and 'talk times'. All the information you want to see is then logged so you can run historical reports on an agent's performance.


See it in Action

Fuel healthy competition in the office which in turn will drastically boost performance by displaying telephone activity in real time. Live Statistics will also provide team members with useful information about progress against targets.

Features & Benefits

Agent Timeline

Have visibility over individual agents' current activities and statuses in a simple timeline format. The timeline leaves behind a record of past behaviour.

Group Timeline

Group timeline displays statistics for teams with continuously updating information representing the total number of calls, longest wait time etc.

Custom Templates

Create your own company branded wallboards and use charts, graphs, text boxes, agent and group leaderboards to nurture a competitive spirit. 

Alerts & Triggers

Alerts and triggers allow you to be notified in the event of an emergency; maybe too many calls in the queue, or perhaps you too many missed calls.

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