Affordable direct internet access

Ideal for businesses that demand high availability.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is a cost effective way of upgrading to a high-capacity internet connection without committing to a leased line. EFM provides your business with dedicated, symmetrical bandwidth at speeds of up to 20Mb. Available to over 80% of businesses across the UK, it comes with fast fix times and free installation. 

Symmetrical Speeds

Enjoy download and upload speeds of up to 20Mb. It's not only really fast but is also resilient by design which allows for business continuity.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Unlike superfast broadband, EFM provides uncontended bandwidth which means performance isn't affected by others on the same exchange.


Delivered using up to eight copper pairs. Should one of the pairs fail, your internet connection will continue to run over the remaining pairs.

Prices starting from £140.00 a month

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