Integrate your phone system and customer data

Speed up call handling, improve customer service.

Integrating your phone system to your customer data is a powerful tool which speeds up call handling and ultimately improves the quality of service your customers receive.

Users can click to call directly from contact lists and CRM customer records. For incoming or outgoing calls, a desktop toast pop-up notification displays contextual information about the customer and allows your representative to log activities against the customer record.

Features & Benefits

Click to Dial

You can call customers without the need of manually dialing a number by 'clicking to dial' from contact lists and customer records on your PC.

Screen Popping

Click to open for CRM records related to Caller ID, such opportunities/ orders list or notes containing information from previous calls with the customer.

Improve Productivity

Increase productivity through time saved not having to search for customer contact details, create customer activity records, or manually dial numbers.

Enhance Service

Users can greet the customer by name and click to open the customer record, facilitating more personalised, well-informed conversations.

Prices starting from £3.75 a month/ per user

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