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Maximise return on investment into your telephone systems with call reporting from Microcare. Microcare provides an all-purpose call reporting software package which connects directly to your phone system and logs all your calls which you can then run reports on.

Wether you want to see how many calls your business is missing, monitor the number of calls your sales team is making, average answer times for your customers or when you're busiest, call reporting is the right solution to help you boost customer service and increase revenue.

Features & Benefits

Standard Reports

Choose from a range of 40 pre-built reports which cover most business needs, so you can truly understand what’s happening on the phones.

Custom Reports

It's easy to create custom reports on the information unique to your business if it isn't already covered in the pre-built standard reports.

Report Scheduling

Automatically schedule the reports you want to see at specified times and intervals. Have those reports emailed out to the relevant recipients.

Unlimited Users

Provide access to multiple members of your business. Create different user rights so each member can only run reports on members of their team.

Prices starting from £3.00 a month/ per user

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