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Call recording is one of the best tools that allows managers to monitor and improve employee's performance. Wether you would like the ability to record calls at the touch of a button or record 100% of all inbound and outbound calls for compliance or legal reasons, we have the right solution for you. 

Chronicall's recording library allows for easy access so you can find the call you're looking for quickly and easily. The recording library compresses your file and optimises it for high-quality voice playback. 


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The telephone is still a crucial link between businesses and their customers. Recording calls will provide business managers with an insight into all interactions between staff and customers.

Features & Benefits

Cradle to Grave

Using the filter option you can easily search for recordings based on any type of criteria. A play icon will appear next to the call in cradle to grave.

Easy Sharing

Share recordings with others just by typing an email address. You can send .spx or .wav files to as many recipients as you like with a few simple clicks.

PCI Compliant

Need to record calls for legal and compliance reasons? All recordings are PCI and HIPPA compliant, and come with 5 layers of security.

Remote Recording

Chronicall gives you the ability to the record the calls of remote branches, staff that work from home or team members that are based in the field.

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